Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources

In Remembrance

The Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources thanks and remembers the following board and staff members who helped IJNR achieve its mission.

Reese Cleghorn (1930-2009)

A leader in American journalism education, Reese served for 11 years as an IJNR Trustee.

Reese was a distinguished professor of journalism who taught courses in ethics and persuasive writing at the University of Maryland in College Park. He was dean of the university's College of Journalism for two decades. Reese came to Maryland in 1981 from the Detroit Free Press after a 30-year career of reporting, editing and editorial writing at several newspapers, including the Charlotte Observer and Atlanta Journal Constitution.

He co-authored the 1967 book, Climbing Jacob's Ladder, which examined the civil rights movement and the rise of black politics in the South. He also contributed to eight anthologies on racial, urban and other social problems and wrote more than 250 magazine articles. While dean, he led efforts that built Maryland's journalism program into one of the nation's very best. As a result of his efforts, the college publishes American Journalism Review and operates the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism and the Hubert H. Humphrey Journalism Fellowships Program.

Andrew Weegar Andrew K. Weegar (1963-2005)

For seven years, Andrew served as IJNR's Associate Director and deputy assistant director for amphibious affairs and all other manner of chores and duties, mainly because he is so versatile. For example, Andrew was also a retired canoe builder, an amateur river guide and a teller of rather tall tales. He spent much of the time with his wife, Abby, and young daughter, Molly, around Kents Hill, Maine.

Further indications of Andrew's superb preparation for his IJNR responsibilities were his degree in Slavic Languages from Hampshire College and his Divinity master's degree from Harvard. Besides all that, he carried under his belt several years of bulldog-tough reporting experience for Maine Times, one of the oldest alternative weeklies in the country, where he handed in articles about the North Woods, agriculture, and salamanders (not necessarily in that order) that invariably were too long and too deep for the readership. After worming his way into the High Country Institute 1997 at the last moment, and then endearing himself to Frank and Maggie at three subsequent Institutes as Acting Assistant Deputy For Just About Everything, Andrew was the personification and embodiment of IJNR-Northeast.

Abigail Holman (1962-2007)

Abby Holman served on IJNR's Board of Trustees. Active in politics for much of her life, Abby was representing House District 83 in the Maine Legislature as a Republican at the time of her death. Abby was a former executive director of the Alliance for Maine's Future, an economic-development advocacy group, and of the Maine Forest Products Council. Prior to holding those jobs job, she practiced law at the Portland firm of Pierce Atwood, served as press secretary for U.S. Senate candidate Olympia Snowe, and worked as legislative director and counsel to then-Governor John R. McKernan.