Great Waters Institute for Journalists, May 1-9, 2009

The Great Waters Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources

An Intense Expedition-Style Journey of Learning for Reporters, Editors, and News Producers
Organized and Conducted by the Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources (IJNR)

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Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface, a five-part television documentary filmed and produced by Jeff Reidel, WKYC, NBC Affiliate in Cleveland, OH (Jeff's series was nominated for a regional Emmy award)

Lake Erie Expedition Blog, by Karen Schaefer, WKSU, Ohio

Government Killing Once-Endangered Cormorants, by John Flesher, Associated Press

Great Lakes Not Losing Extra Water from Dredging, Scientific Panel Concludes, by John Flesher, Associated Press

An Erie Odyssey — Part 1 (PDF) and Part 2 (PDF), by Chip Martin, London Free Press, Ontario

Cormorant Debate: Which Part of the Ecosystem to Protect?, by Sharon Oosthoek, CBC News, Canada

Expedition Highlights

Getting a lift to East Sister, while some of the island's 8,000 resident cormorants wheel overhead.

Watching the morning catch of Lake Erie perch get processed in Wheatley, Ontario.

Boarding "Gibraltar III" at the Ohio State University's Stone Lab
for a research cruise on Lake Erie.

Touring Vreba Hoff Dairy, a concentrated animal feeding operation
located in Hudson, Michigan.

Fellows venture behind Niagara Falls, a major source of tourism and hydropower.

Ontario's Erie Shores Wind Farm, where many farmers leased out land
to build the 66 wind turbines that dot the landscape.

Landing on East Sister Island to view ecological effects of colonization
by double-crested cormorants.

The double-crested cormorant, target of a controversial culling operation
by the Canadian government.

About the Great Waters staff

Peter Annin, the architect and leader of the Lake Country Institute, is IJNR's associate director and a former Chicago-based correspondent for Newsweek. He is also the author of The Great Lakes Water Wars, an award-winning book published in 2006 about water conflicts in the Great Lakes region.

Frank Edward Allen, IJNR's President, is a former bureau chief and environment editor for The Wall Street Journal. He is the principal author of Matching the Scenery: Journalism's Duty to the North American West, published in 2003.