Pavement and Power Plants

Cassandra Profita, Ecotrope blogger, journalist and IJNR alum created a multi-media piece for Oregon Public Broadcasting about the future of Portland's pavement: Depaving Portland: Will Your Driveway Be Next?

PORTLAND — In 2001, Northeast Portland resident Arif Khan had a backyard full of pavement. Now he has a garden full of veggies, herbs and fruit trees.

“I preferred a garden over concrete,” he said. “I planted a tree a few feet high, and now I can climb up it and eat figs.”

While his fruit trees were growing, so was a new nonprofit organization devoted to tearing out unnecessary asphalt and concrete and replacing it with community gardens... Read more


Alumna Dina Cappiello with the AP reports on an EPA study that suggests U.S. power plants are to blame for the bulk of heat-trapping greenhouse gases:

EPA: US power plants main culprit behind greenhouse gas

WASHINGTON—The most detailed data yet on emissions of heat-trapping gases show that U.S. power plants are responsible for the bulk of the pollution blamed for global warming.

Power plants released 72 percent of the greenhouse gases reported to the Environmental Protection Agency for 2010, according to information released Wednesday that was the first catalog of global warming pollution by facility. The data include more than 6,700 of the largest industrial sources of greenhouse gases, or about 80 percent of total U.S. emissions... read more.