Asian carp eye Lake Erie

Lots of our midwest alumni are writing about Asian Carp these days, an invasive species that has taken the Mississippi River by storm and is currently on the doorstep of the Great Lakes. Our Asian Carp mini-Institute, held in Chicago this past September, gave 13 reporters a chance to spend a long weekend with several carp experts.   Rebecca Williams, a repeat-Fellow who was on the Asian Carp trip, and a reporter for the Environment Report of Michigan Public Radio, reports on the issue:

Asian Carp Could Find a Good Home in Lake Erie Asian carp have been making their way up the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers toward the Great Lakes for decades. Bighead and silver carp are the species people are the most concerned about.

There’s been a lot of focus on keeping carp out of Lake Michigan. But a new study finds carp might do well in Lake Erie and some of the rivers that feed the lake... Read and hear more.