Recycled ski gear, anti-collaborators, and water's power over wind

josh zaffos

A few recent stories from alumni:  


From Josh Zaffos, a piece in Grist for all you cutting-edge ski-bums out there:

Gearhead's lament: What's to be done with last year's skis?

You don’t need to spend much time on the slopes to know that winter sports enthusiasts are the ultimate gearheads. Beyond the outrageous fashion fads (neon one-piece, anyone?), design and technology breakthroughs allow manufacturers to roll out more lightweight and higher-performance gear every season.

The steady advances are great for bombing down runs on powder days and pretending you’re Lindsey Vonn. But the heaps of old skis, snowboards, and boots that get tossed into garages, sheds, and trash piles are a wasteful legacy. Notwithstanding niche craftsfolk who turn their share of old skis into fences and Adirondack chairs, much of this stockpile is destined for the landfill... Read more.

_____________________________________________________ And two from Rocky Barker with The Idaho Statesman. Rocky was a Fellow on our very first Institute, back in '95!

BPA proposes plan to pay wind developers to reduce power when rivers high

The Bonneville Power Administration today proposed paying wind energy developers for reducing output to help balance the electricity supply during high river flows.

If BPA decides to proceed with the compensation proposal, it would seek to split the cost equally between customers including electrical cooperatives and public utilities like Idaho Falls Power, and wind developers... Read more.


Not all groups buy into forest collaboration

I got a few comments while I was away about my stories about forest collaboration. The stories talked about how timber industry folks, environmentalists and others were moving into the next phase of collaboration . They are tackling tough questions like how much thinning and logging is good and where appropriate in the areas outside of roadless areas.

Montana environmental activist George Wuerthner pointed out that my stories didn’t include voices from environmentalists who opposed collaborative efforts like the Moscow-based Friends of the Clearwater and the Montana-based Alliance for the Wild Rockies. Fair comment... Read more.