'Tis the season

Hello, intrepid Nooze readers! My apologies for the long silence this week. It's not for lack of news, certainly. But something else has been gobbling up my time. There's fishing season, and hunting season. Baseball season, football season, basketball season. Allergy season. Hurricane season. Did you also know there's grant-writing season? And that, dear readers, is where I have been all week! IJNR receives a lot of its funding through foundation grants, and many of the big foundations ask for proposals to be submitted by the end of March. So here at IJNR, we're in the thick of fundraising season. (I, personally, am also in the throws of graduate-thesis-finishing season, but that's another story!)

We don't get all of our money from grants, though, and while individual donations comprise a relatively small percentage of our annual income, they are invaluable. To be able to approach a foundation and say nearly half of all of our alumni have contributed to IJNR is incredibly useful. It proves that our Fellows agree that the work we do is vital, innovative, and worth supporting.

If you're feeling generous (it's springtime! Who doesn't feel generous in springtime?) and maybe think that IJNR is doing some important work in the world, consider taking a moment to make a donation (secure and tax-deductable, of course!).

C'mon, get festive. It's fun to get caught up in the spirit of the season.