Nothing Says Love Like Flying Squirrels and Climate Change

Oosthoek_flying squirrel A special, one-story  Valentine's Day issue of the Nooze. Because what says love better than flying squirrels and climate change?


sharon oosthoekFrom Sharon Oosthoek, writing for The Daily Climate, a look at what a little heat can do for speciation:

Looking for love as the climate heats up

BOBCAYGEON, Ontario – In the hush of a snowy Ontario winter woods Jeff Bowman's radio wave tracker beeps insistently, pointing him toward a nearby tree cavity. 

Inside, a group of tagged flying squirrels huddle in the comfort of each other's body heat. In a few weeks, the rodents – which glide from tree to tree using flaps of skin between their front and rear legs – will begin to mate. 

Some of their babies will emerge looking a bit like a southern flying squirrel, a bit like a northern flying squirrel, and a lot like the product of climate change, says Bowman, a population ecologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources... Read more.

Oosthoek_radio track