Dispatches from the Road: Crown of the Continent, Day 4: Climate Change


On the final day of the Institute, the crew embarked early for a full day in Glacier National Park. They rendezvoused with a group of renowned climatologists, ecologists, and botanists, and traveled through the park on the famed Going to the Sun Road, stopping at key points along the way.

The group hears about climate change from Dan Fagre, research ecologist with the USGS.

The group heard from research ecologist Dan Fagre, with the USGS, about the varied impacts of climate change within Glacier National Park, as well as alpine habitats around the world. The also heard from climatologist Steve Running, who discussed the impacts of climate change around the globe, and the degree to which models can -and can't- predict what may happen in the future.

The group also learned about avalanches, drought, changing plant populations, and  the GLORIA project, a worldwide network that monitors the impacts of climate change on high alpine systems.

Saturday evening, the group headed back to Missoula for closing night festivities, awards, and goodbyes.

At Siyeh Bend, Glacier National Park.