Alumni Speak Up! Chris Engle on Why You Should Support IJNR

 This year, IJNR brought more than 50 environment journalists out into the field to learn firsthand about critical natural resource issues.

Over the next few weeks some of our newest alumni will share their thoughts on their Institute experiences - and why you should support IJNR!

Chris Engle boatChris Engle Gaylord Herald Times Asian Carp 2011, Mining Country 2013

My best work as a news, environment and outdoors reporter comes from what I call "field trips" - days spent immersed in my subject rather than basking in the glow of my computer screen or fluorescent office lighting.

Nowhere else have I found field trips as inclusive and engaging as those through IJNR. I got my first taste in 2011 by dodging, then eating, flying Asian carp, and visiting "ground zero" for their invasion: an electric barrier on the Chicago River with a tendency to flicker on and off.

I eagerly climbed back on the bus in 2013 to tour the mines and boomtowns of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. We descended 600 feet toward the richest nickel rock in the world, walked through Hell on Earth (aka a taconite pellet plant) and howled with wolves under a full moon.

IJNR connected me, on professional and personal levels, to the people and places that make the story come to life. I am a better reporter for it, and my community is better  informed because of it.

- Chris Engle


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Paige Engle says, "I love getting out in the field! Please donate so more journalists like my dad can get out in the field too!"