IJNR's Holiday Gift to you! The Best of 2013

Happy Holidays from IJNR! During the month of December, we'll be bringing you a sampler from the "Best of 2013" - a recap of some of the best stories and series of the year from our alumni. Some of them have already been featured here on the Nooze, but many of them haven't! We hope you enjoy reading, hearing and exploring these top-notch stories as much as we have.

Isabelle GrocTo kick off our month, what could be more wintery than an absolutely tremendous ten-part series on the narwhal? Written and photographed by Isabelle Groc and published in Georgia Straight, this series is the result of a two-week trip that Groc took to Baffin Island, during which she got to work alongside biologists, veterinarians, and Inuit hunters to study one of the most elusive animals in the world. The result is a fabulous example of what can happen when journalists have the opportunity to get out into the world, meet with scientists and tribal members, and experience issues firsthand.


Part 1: First Contact

As a wildlife photographer, I have documented many of Canada’s species at risk, from delicate butterfly species to massive grizzly bears. But the narwhal is the most intriguing and fascinating species, so when I had the opportunity to join a group of scientists and Inuit hunters on a narwhal research expedition, I did not hesitate. I packed my warmest clothes, acquired a heavy-duty sleeping bag, and I flew to Pond Inlet, a community of 1,500 people in Baffin Island, Nunavut... Read and see more.



Part 2: Research Camp Part 3: A Species at the Crossroads Part 4: Whale in the Net Part 5: On Watch Part 6: Tusk Mysteries Part 7: The Beluga and the Spider Part 8: On the Ground Part 9: Yummy Sound Part 10: What Happens Next