Announcing the Frank Allen Field Reporting Award

lumberjackFrank Allen founded IJNR in 1995. For more than fifteen years he led journalists on intense reporting expeditions throughout North America, introducing them to the people and places involved in important environment, natural resource, energy, and development issues. When Frank retired in 2012, he left behind a legacy dedicated to fairness, accuracy, high-quality storytelling and on-the-ground journalism. It is with this legacy in mind that IJNR invites applications for our first-ever round of Frank Allen Field Reporting Awards.

IJNR is now accepting proposals for grants of up to $1,000 to help defray the costs of reporting projects that focus on natural resources, the environment, energy, development, agriculture, environmental justice, and public health.

The purpose of these grants is to provide financial support for qualified, professional journalists, in order to allow them to report on important topics that they may not otherwise be able to cover. At the discretion of the selection committee, up to eight awards may be granted.

Grants may be given for the full amount requested, or may be given for a percentage of the full amount.

Grant money may be spent on any costs incurred for normal reporting activities: travel, lodging, research, etc. If you have questions, please feel free to ask:

Apply NowPlease note: IJNR reserves the right not to issue any grants in a given year, based on the caliber of proposals.

Applicants must be working journalists, including freelancers, who have demonstrated a continued commitment to the tenets of fairness, accuracy and journalistic integrity. Applicants may not be lobbyists, public relations personnel, or communications employees writing solely on behalf of an organization or corporation.

IJNR pledges to keep confidential all of the applicants’ proposed story-project topics and specific story ideas until the time of publication.

IJNR pledges to give award winners complete control over their work with no editorial interference.

Award recipients will agree in writing to provide IJNR with a brief progress report at a mutually specified time during the reporting process and a final report after publication.

Wherever permitted by editor’s approval, or where the awardee has editorial control (personal website, etc.), IJNR asks that grant recipients include acknowledgement of IJNR’s support in or appended to stories resulting from the grant.

IJNR funding may not be used as reimbursement for reporting that has already occurred.

Liability disclaimer: IJNR’s role is solely to provide grants for reporting purposes. IJNR assumes no liability for the legal or safety risks undertaken during the course of reporting.

Email applications will be accepted. However, we very strongly encourage applicants to submit their proposals online via Submittable.

Award proposals due Friday, April 25, 2014.