What to Bring - Alaska edition


A note about packing and transportation— We will be traveling to remote locations via very small plane. Because of this, we ask that everyone limit the amount of gear they bring to 50 pounds or less. Packing light and efficiently is strongly encouraged - no one will judge you if you wear the same pair of jeans every day of the trip!

—Casual comfort is the style around here. Jeans, T-shirts, and sweatshirts, are all fine. Some people may prefer to wear khakis or skirts for opening and closing dinners. No neckties or pearls, please. Sturdy shoes or hiking boots and good rain gear are essential. Warm layers will come in handy during colder moments.

We hope for nothing but temperate, clear days.  THAT SAID, it can get cold and wet in a hurry. This is Alaska in September - be prepared for cool temps and a good possibility of rain.

Other Stuff

  • SLEEPING BAG (essential)- You will need a sleeping bag for our nights at the Fisheries Research Institute. A camp pillow may come in handy as well (the inflatable kind is great). We’ll be sleeping on beds, so you may bring a fitted sheet as well in addition to your sleeping bag.

  • Rain Gear—Including rain pants (essential). We don’t curtail programming for wet weather!

  • Comfortable rubber boots and/or sturdy waterproof shoes - There will be plenty of walking, but nothing crazy strenuous. Keep in mind that when we say "in the field" we mean it!

  • Warm layers - wool, fleece and down are all good options, cotton is less ideal.

  • Hat and Gloves—wool or fleece, for those of you prone to the chills.

  • Motion sickness meds - For those of you prone to airsickness on small planes. We’ll have some on hand, but it’s always nice to have your own stash as well.

  • Brimmed hat for sunny days

  • Towel—again, be prepared!

  • Plastic bag for wet clothing

  • Ear plugs—if you are a light sleeper

  • Travel mug—if you, like us, need coffee pretty much all day long!

  • Water bottle – healthy people hydrate!

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses

  • Bug spray

  • Notepads and Pens!!!

  • Camera and Binoculars (optional)

  • Day Pack (very useful)

  • IJNR will be bringing a med kit/first-aid kit, but if there are specific items you know it’s likely you’ll need, please feel free to bring your own

  • IJNR will also be bringing snacks for those who get peckish between meals. We’ll check in with you as we get closer to ask for any specific snacking requests.

  • Flexibility and a sense of humor (required)

Packing Suggestions

Bringing along a daypack will be your best bet – it will be the best place for items needed all the time or suddenly—such as rain gear, water bottle, sunscreen, camera, notepads and pens. 

If you have questions about gear or anything else about the program, don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the IJNR staff.