lower Colorado River Post-Institute Stories

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Survival of North America’s Desert Wetlands Depends on Lake Mead - Amena Saiyid, Bloomberg

In The Desert City Of Tucson, The Grass Is Not Greener - Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media/KUNC

An Ode To The Toilet, A Water Conservation Champ - Luke Runyon, KUNC

To The Last Drop: What Does the Future Hold for Water in Arizona? - Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media and Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star

Scientists Hope Bug Experiment Fattens Colorado River Fish - Felicia Fonseca, AP

Risks to Lake Mead, Colorado River intensifying greatly, federal officials say - Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star

The Rocky Mountains Have A Dust Problem - Luke Runyon, NPR

Western Arizona eyed as water source for major metro areas - Felicia Fonseca, AP

Amid Colorado River Spat, Mulroy calls Arizona Agency a 'bad actor' - Daniel Rothberg, Nevada Independent

Five Things to Know About the Latest Colorado River Dust Up - Luke Runyon, KUNC

States Accuse Arizona Water Agency of Gaming Lake Mead, Undermining Colorado River Drought Plans - Daniel Rothberg, Nevada Independent

I killed the Colorado River - And So Did You - Ryan Sabalow, Sacramento Bee

Hopes For ‘Miracle’ Snowpack Recovery Fade; Colorado River Headed For 6th-Driest Year - Luke Runyon, KUNC

Californians Are Back To Using About as Much Water as Before the Drought - Emily Guerin, KPCC

Southern California water agency backs off plan to finance both Delta tunnels - Ryan Sabalow, Sacramento Bee

When A Drought Lasts 18 Years, Does It Need A New Name? - Luke Runyon, KUNC

Endangered Colorado River fish no longer an extinction risk - Felicia Fonseca, AP

Little-known Lawsuit Complicates Drought Plan - Daniel Rothberg, Water Deeply

36 Millones de Personas en EEUU Podrian Tener Problemas de Agua Antes de Lo Que Creen (y No Todos Estan Preparados) - Alejandra Vargas Morera, Univision

Major Western Reservoir Runs Dry - Daniel Rothberg, WNYC's The Takeaway

As Weather Warms, What's the State of Our River? - Rachael Christiansen, KNPR and Luke Runyon, KUNC

San Diego's Water Authority Has Reignited a Century-Old Water Dispute with Local Tribes - Ry Rivard, Voice of San Diego

Infighting Delays Lake Mead Drought Plan - Daniel Rothberg, Nevada Independent

Arizona Water manager disagree on how to prevent a shortage on the Colorado River - Brandon Loomis, The Arizona Republic

Writing the River: A Conversation with New Yorker Writer David Owen - Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media

How a Dying Lake in California Factors into the Colorado River's Future - Luke Runyon, KUNC

Arizona Debates Conservation as Colorado River Shortage Looms - Amena Saiyid, Bloomberg Environment

Trump Plan Ends Research on Uranium MiningNear Grand Canyon - Felicia Fonseca, AP

When Rivers, or at Least Their Remnants, Return - Laura Paskus, NM Political Report

Energy Fuels Mine Near Grand Canyon Troubled by Low Uranium Price - Amena Saiyid, Bloomberg Environment

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