Lower Colorado River Companion Reader

Here's a whole pile of pertinent news stories and resources on the Lower Colorado. Don't feel compelled to read all (or any!) of them in advance of the institute, but do feel free to peruse them at your leisure. This page will remain active after the institute is over, so you'll be able to return to it in the future.


Colorado River reporting resources

Where the River Runs Dry

Chasing Water

How low will it go?

Colorado Water Plan

Encounters with the Archdruid (excerpt)

Killing the Colorado (series)


allocation, Supply & Demand

U.S. and Mexico agree to share a shrinking Colorado River

Mohave County fighting CAP proposal to buy, move water to Tucson, Phoenix suburbs

California water project could cramp Colorado River plan

Water managers seek certainty in Colorado Basin

As the River Runs Dry:
The Southwest's water crisis (Part 1)

An ongoing battle between urban and rural water users (Part 2)

Growing Utah town wants even more water via pipeline

Arizona warns developers: There may not be enough water to build in Pinal County

Water fight tied directly to Arizona's growth

Decades later, Las Vegas pipeline project remains stalled by legal challenges

Court upholds plan to pipe groundwater to Las Vegas Valley



Colorado snowpack worst in more than 30 years in some areas leaving water suppliers on high alert

Should we 'freak out' over water supply, drought?

An elusive Colorado River drought plan fails to materialize - for now


tribal water issues

Water bailout? Colorado river tribes pose statewide leasing idea

Western Arizona tribes could lease Colorado River water to areas thirsty for development

Water managers look to new ways to save

Phoenix, feds will pay tribes to leave their water in Lake Mead, help prevent shortage

Hualapai Tribe to get 4,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water per year

Supreme Court won't hear California water agencies' appeal in tribe's groundwater case

Gila River member becomes 1st Native American to have a vote on Arizona water board