July 29: Municipal Use & The Business of Water

Piecing Together a Plan: Aurora’s Multi-faceted Approach

Just last month, Aurora Water won the U.S. Water Prize from the U.S. Water Alliance for its forward-thinking approach to managing this precious resource on the front range. Their Prairie Waters project is an innovative recapture and filtration system that helps provide drought assurance, and also takes a long-range view of the water needs of this rapidly growing urban area.  Fellows, on their final morning, trekked to the Binney Treatment Plant at the edge of the plains to hear about the Prairie Waters Project, Aurora’s creative financing structure, and the future of the city’s water supply.

Boom Business: How Colorado’s Biggest City Aims to Get Even Bigger

Colorado’s population is expected to double by 2050, and much of that growth is expected on the Front Range. Denver Water, the state’s largest supplier, is looking hard at new water supplies, extensive conservation measures, and other ways to make sure the taps stay on. They’re also looking at ways to ramp up the amount of water they recycle and use again within the city. Meanwhile, Colorado's Water Conservation Board has developed a statewide plan for sustainability; we heard from the Board's new director, as well as some folks who are doing innovative work at the intersection of water and money - with an eye toward both the environment and economics.