2016 Reporting Award Winners:

Andrew Weegar Memorial Award:

Christopher Solomon
Contributing Editor, Outside magazine
Seattle, WA
Project: "The Detective of Northern Oddities"


Frank Allen Field Reporting Awards:

Gabe Popkin
Freelance Writer
Washington, DC
Project: "An ancient farming and forestry system meets modern-day climate change"


Eric Wagner
Freelance Writer; Book Author
Seattle, WA
Project: The Fireweed and the Elk: Survival and Return on Mt. St. Helens (book)


Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton
Correspondant, Native Health News Alliance
Tulsa, OK
Project: "Anigadagewi, seksik & ch'iyáán: Agriculture in Indian Country" 


Sara Peach
Freelance journalist; Book author
Carrboro, NC
Project: "Family Dinner: What Will My Kid Eat in 2050?" (chapter from book project My Child's World: Parenting in a Time of Climate Change)