Key Issues

Each Institute will address locally and regionally relevant issues. That said, there are several key topics that we’ll cover on multiple institutes. These include but are not limited to:

  • Climate Change: Sea level rise, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, coastal and inland flooding, drought, wildfire, impacts to flora and fauna

  • Environmental Justice: How social and political choices mean underrepresented communities - urban and rural - bear the brunt of environmental and natural resource-related issues - and how communities are taking charge of issues and finding solutions

  • Environmental Law & Policy: State of foundational environmental policies in the U.S., and how administrative decisions are shaping current management decisions

  • Public & Community Health: Impacts of climatic and ecosystemic changes on human populations, pollution, infrastructure

  • Water: Access to clean drinking water, impacts of policy, aging infrastructure, point- and non-point source pollution, wildlife health, the politics of allocation, municipal use.

  • Energy Production, Supply & Delivery: Market forces, environmental impacts, new technology, frontiers of energy development, policies and practice

  • Ocean & Coastal Health: How fisheries practices, climatic shifts, management strategies and newly protected marine reserves are impacting ocean health and coastal communities

  • Agriculture: What impacts are drought, policy decisions, market forces, and climatic shifts having on agricultural communities, and what impacts is agriculture having on downstream communities?

  • Land Use, Management & Development: Conservation, public and private lands, rural, suburban and urban development, forests, wildfire, rangeland, invasive species, economics, ecosystem services

  • Wildlife, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Health: Endangered and invasive species, landscape-scale management, economic and social impacts of shifting wildlife populations

  • Infrastructure: Aging infrastructure, community engagement, government involvement, future development and implementation

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