Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources

How to Apply

IJNR awards fellowships to working reporters, photojournalists, writers, editors and producers, including some independent and freelance journalists. In addition, some fellowships are awarded to students enrolled in professional programs of journalism and the environmental sciences.

Fellowships are competitive. Preference is given to journalists employed full-time by news organizations. Contributors to newsletters, magazines and other media controlled by industry, government or advocacy groups are rarely selected. Public-relations practitioners are not eligible.

IJNR covers the cost of meals, lodging, local transportation, excursions and research materials during each institute. Employers of journalists selected as fellows are expected to provide full salary for the fellows while they are on assignment at the institutes and to pay for travel costs to and from the program. Some travel stipends are available to help freelancers and news organizations, but it cannot pay for overseas plane tickets.

Applicants are invited to submit:

  • A letter of interest of no more than two single-spaced pages and specifying for which Institute you are applying

  • A resume of work experience and educational background

  • At least one professional letter of recommendation

  • Four to six work samples (published articles, prints or photo transparencies, audio or video)

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee that advises the program director and executive director before they make the final decision.

Submission guidelines:

Applications MUST be submitted by email to . Because large electronic files (such as long stories or stories with graphics) often clog up our email system, those should be be copied onto a CD and then mailed to IJNR, P.O. Box 1996, Missoula, MT 59806.

For further information or guidance about applying, please contact IJNR at 406.273.1906 or write to .