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Saint Lawrence River Companion Reader


Here's a handful of pertinent news stories and resources on the Saint Lawrence. Don't feel compelled to read all (or any!) of them in advance of the institute, but do feel free to peruse them at your leisure. This page will remain active after the institute is over, so you'll be able to return to it in the future.


What did we learn from 2017's floods in Quebec and Ontario? Inside the politics of water

Governor Cuomo Announces $2.9 Million in Lake Ontario Flood Relief Funds for Shoreline Municipalities

Trump nominates new IJC commissioners

Coast Guard bill called risky to Great Lakes capsizes in U.S. Senate

White House Seeks Input on U.S. Shipping Regulations

Another invasive algae is established in Pennsylvania waters

Senators want study on how to prevent Great Lakes flooding

New York, Canada extend agreement on management of hydropower project on St. Lawrence River

U.S. environmental group urges government action on St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence one of 10 endangered rivers, environmental group says

Fishermen scrambling after endangered whales’ arrival in Gulf of St. Lawrence

American eel numbers, range declining

Researchers hope computer simulation can help save endangered beluga whales

How one man died so a whale might live

Frustration as single right whale prompts fishing ban at Canadian island

What went wrong with the right whales?

Watching whales from above, researchers race to stop more deaths in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Fighting toxics in a Mohawk community

Settlement funds to help preserve Mohawk language, arts

Dam destruction major victory for Mohawk tribe

A crayfish, a snail, a fish and two plants land on "least wanted" list

Invasive aquatic weed, starry stonewort, creeps across Great Lakes region

St. Lawrence Seaway Fosters a Plague of Sea Life

IJC says no plan would have stopped last year's flooding

Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence River, Canada’s Atlantis