Day 1: Getting Acquainted and Telling Environment Stories

Fellows arrived mid-day in Bemidji, MN and spent the afternoon getting to know each other and discussing journalism with the IJNR staff. 

Telling Environment Stories Better in the Digital Age

Natural resource stories are some of the hardest to fit into the usual journalism mold. Or, as our esteemed founder always put it, “they don’t break, they ooze.” Adding to the difficulty,  journalists have now traded the role of gatekeepers for one of sifters and winnowers in our digital world – finding facts in a deluge of information. We explored some of the difficulties of doing “good” journalism on complex issues, previewed some of the stories we’d encounter on our trip and talked tips and tricks for getting the most out of our own reporting and writing. We also explored useful tools that can help journalists investigate issues, tell stories better and reach a wider audience.