Our 900+ alumni are freelancers, newsroom employees, public radio reporters, TV anchors, photographers, videographers, and just about every other kind of journalist out there. Their work appears in outlets large and small, all over North America and beyond. Here's just a tiny sampling of some of the work they've produced following our Institutes. 


Featured Alumni Stories

Read, hear and see some stand-out post-institute reporting from our alumni:

The Ethanol Effect by David Biello and Aaron Martin, PBS

The Detective of Northern Oddities by Chris Solomon, Outside Magazine (supported by an IJNR Field Reporting Award)

Choking To Death in Detroit by Zoe Schlanger, Newsweek

The Enormous Threat to America's Last Grasslands, by Ryan Schuessler, The Washington Post

Will the Sage Grouse Win the West? by Jacques Leslie, The New Yorker

The Great Burning: How Wildfires are Threatening the West by Osha Gray Davidson, Rolling Stone

Rising Seas: Will the Outer Banks Survive? by Sara Peach, National Geographic

Fight to Save the Sage Grouse Finds Friends in All Corners of the West by Nathan Rott, NPR

On the Front Lines of Wisconsin's Big-Money Small-Town Iron Mine War by Lois Parshley, Vice

The Last, Best Refuge for North America's Bees by Lindsey Konkel, National Geographic


For additional stories, please see individual post-institute pages:

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Chesapeake Bay Institute 2015

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And you can find many dozens of archived stories here.