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Past Institutes

Since 1995, IJNR has conducted more than 70 Institutes throughout North America. We've taken journalists from the icy coastal waters of Alaska to the deserts of the Southwest to the industrialized rivers of the Great Lakes Basin. We've weathered snowstorms on mountain passes, Nor'easters on North Carolina's Outer Banks, and flooded dirt roads. We've met with farmers, fishermen, loggers, ranchers, policy makers, biologists, geologists, industry representatives, tribal leaders, urban developers, mining engineers, and concerned citizens. We've howled with wolves, fished for our dinner, spied on grizzly bears, braved cormorant colonies, and ridden on horseback into the wilderness. 

For a sampler of our recent institutes, please follow the links below:

Bristol Bay 2019

Water Quality 2019

Lower Mississippi River 2019

Saint Lawrence River 2018

Upper Mississippi River 2018

lower colorado River 2018

Great Bear 2017

Upper Colorado river 2017

Drinking water 2017

Great Lakes Energy 2016

Prairie Pothole 2016

Chesapeake Bay 2015

Lake Superior 2015

Sagebrush Country 2015

Detroit River 2014

Shale Country 2014

North Carolina 2014

Slideshow: Puget Sound 2011

Slideshow: Energy Country Institute 2011