Diversity and Equity

IJNR is committed to amplifying the voices of underrepresented people. We believe that a diversity of perspectives — racial, ethnic, economic, geographic, gender, and cultural — is imperative to understanding the world. We strongly support empowering journalists from minority and marginalized communities, and strive for equity in the content and context of all our programming.

Diversity Advisory Committee

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Felicia Fonseca

Northern Arizona Reporter - Associated Press




Julian Brave Noisecat

Policy Analyst - 350.org
Freelance Writer - The Guardian, CBC, Vice, Indian Country Today, HuffPost



Lisa Song

Environment, Energy & Climate Change Reporter - ProPublica


Glenn Townes

Freelance Writer - South Jersey Journal, Black Enterprise


Webinar: Reporting in Indigenous Communities

We wanted to provide ample background information for participating journalists in advance of our 2017 Great Bear Institute, not only about the First Nations communities they would be visiting, but the systemic journalistic issues that plague coverage of indigenous peoples and nations as well. We knew we were in no position to speak authoritatively on the subject, so we reached out to two experts: Jess Housty, a Heiltsuk community educator, activist, and writer, and Kelsey Leonard, an indigenous scholar who currently represents the Shinnecock Indian Nation as the Tribal Co-Lead on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body of the U.S. National Ocean Council. They were kind enough to allow us to make the resulting webinar available publicly, as a resource for all journalists striving to coverage indigenous communities more accurately, fairly, and sensitively. 

Looking for other valuable resources about how to cover indigenous issues better? Check out the Native American Journalists Association website, especially their "Reporting in Indian Country" bingo card

Reporting in Indigenous Communities is an online educational guide to assist journalists who report in Indigenous communities.

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