Since 1995, IJNR has been providing top-quality immersion training programs for environment and natural resource journalists throughout North America.


Our Mission

The mission of the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources is to promote public dialogue about natural resource issues through programs that inform, empower and inspire better journalism. 


How It Works

IJNR helps improve coverage of natural resource issues by taking professional journalists on multi-day, expenses-paid, immersive field trips to locations throughout North America. We believe that the free exchange of ideas, even inconvenient and dissenting ideas, is critical to telling a story truthfully. Over the course of more than 70 institutes, we have designed an experiential learning model that gives journalists an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the environment, economic and cultural landscapes underlying the most contentious natural resource issues of our time. 

Our fellowships are designed for reporters and editors who aspire to produce deeper, more explanatory news coverage of issues such as water quality, quantity, and use, climate change, urban development, land use, energy exploration and consumption, wildlife, agriculture, wildfire, fisheries, forestry, and public health. In time, the increased accuracy, depth and perspective in news coverage generated by these journalists help to promote greater public awareness, better-informed civic discourse, expanded citizen engagement, and more responsible decision-making.

Funding for IJNR programs comes from a broad spectrum of charitable foundations, conservation and environment groups, state and federal government agencies, news-media groups, natural-resource companies and trade associations, as well as individual donors. Feel free to review a list of our funders.

Please review How To Apply for details on selection criteria and the application process.

One of the very best experiences of my life, professionally and personally. If there were a Pulitzer Prize for what you do, you guys would win it easily.
— Gary Wisby, Chicago Sun Times

Where We've Been


What We've Achieved

  • Conducted more than 70 Institutes throughout North America since 1995

  • Helped more than 900 journalists gain a better understanding of complex natural resources issues

  • Our alumni represent more than 350 different news outlets around the world

  • Institute-inspired stories produced by participating journalists have reached hundreds of millions of readers, listeners and viewers.

  • Introduced thousands of expert speakers - from scientists to policymakers to farmers, fishermen, and miners - to the journalists tasked with telling their stories

  • Helped hundreds of journalists hone their craft and become better storytellers

  • Encouraged thoughtful, balanced conversation among dissenting voices about some of the most contentious natural resource issues of our time

One week at IJNR has done more direct, relevant service for my work here, and for me as a journalist, than four years of journalism school...or three years as a statehouse reporter.
— Craig Welch, The Seattle Times